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The Little Nonprofit that Could (still haunt me)

Jaisus. Just when I think it's over, it comes back. On my desk this morning, an invoice from The Little Nonprofit That Could (drive me to put a knitting needle into my eyesocket). What was this invoice for, pray tell? Advertisements in the journal from Fall '03/Spring /'04. Advertisements that were paid for in May of '04. How do I know? Because bosslady produced a check, which was, oddly enough, endorsed to TLNPTC(dmtpknime) in my handwriting, deposited on May 5, 2004. (funny to me, because that was like, my first week at that job.)

So I got to tell former bosslady to suck rocks, with a copy of the check. In a polite way, of course. Not like I wrote

"Dear Crazy-ass Bitch,
Check your files, 'cuz this shit's paid.
Special Sauce
Assistant Director
Mah Nonprofit"

(Ok, so I did make sure to put in the AD thing, because I know it irritates her, since I was "just her secretary" at the other place, except, you know, doing AD work for G. Monkey, who did Exec D. work)

So anyway, what I was saying in the comments before it got too long- I could try to get an EEOC case with current bosslady, but nothing was ever in writing, and my only witness to the discussion re: insurance during the "interview" was G. Monkey. It totally looks like a she-said/she-said sort of thing. Plus, I'm the only employee, so it's not like there's a precedent.

It's frustrating, because I really would like to see this work. The concept is good, but I've done everything can do with what I have, and short of standing directly behind bosslady with a pointy stick, while saying "How's the business plan coming?" *poke* "How's the business plan coming?" *poke* "Where's the board of directors?" *poke*, I don't think that stuff will improve. And despite the amount of bitching I do, the gig is pretty cushy (Ok, excepting the pay and the lack of insurance).

I just really don't want this to turn into another example of the Little Nonprofit That Could (cause me to lose my sanity). G. Monkey was there for 4 years, and tried, (oh, how she tried) to get the structure in place that they so desperately needed. No dice. I've been here for almost six months, and while I've gotten a lot accomplished, It's nowhere NEAR where things should be, because I get thwarted (either overtly or covertly). Honestly, we should have a board by now. And I was led to believe that the Business Plan was almost completed before I signed on.

And mabe that's the point. Maybe this is happening so there's an excuse for this to die. Someone that the blame can be foisted on. I wasn't good enough, so the project failed. It's a convenient way for her to get out of this, without losing face. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me. This place will NOT last if there's not someone doing this job, and I don't know how other people would do this for a stranger. (I came on because I knew about her from someone else, who neglected to inform me, bitch craaaazy.) Bosslady's strength is her passion- get her in a room with someone, and ask for funds, and they can't help but say yes. But who's going to give a ton of money to a nonprofit without a board of directors, or even a business plan? Without oversight, who's to say that the donation won't go to hookers and blow? Without a board, employee policies are whatever the whim of the day is. Without a board, nobody's accountable. *sigh*

Part of why I like working with nonprofits so much, despite the absolutely batshit crazy bosses I seem to get, is that my work is actually doing someone, somewhere, some good. I'm not existing merely to line somebody's pockets. I can make a difference. I like that. Makes me feel like I'm not a total shitheel.

The codger corral may need another administrator (due to some really sad, really unfortunate shit happening), and despite the fact that I think the owner is the biggest asshole that ever walked the face of the planet, I'm thinking I may put a bug in their ear that I'd be interested. It'd be doing part of the job I used to do for them- more of the medical end of it- tracking med changes, keeping the nurses/aides on track, helping the house doctor and podiatrist, and that sort of thing. (I used to do that, and HR stuff, and admissions too) I like the residents, already volunteer there anyway, and (heh) I'd get to work with my mom (hee!) and the really swell Administrator again. Plus, they pay their admins half decently, and have health insurance.

Who knows. This was long, and rambly, and whiny. But the good news is that the stabbity pain above my right eye is gone, and I no longer feel like killing someone. Always a bonus.


Blogger Memphis Word Nerd said...

What's wrong with hookers and blow, I'd like to know?

2:02 PM  
Blogger Steph said...

hooker and blow! baby, it's the only livin' i know how to do! does that make me bad?????

3:46 PM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

HEE! Nothing at all, my friends. Nothing wrong with Hookers and Blow at all.

In fact. Bring 'em on!

Shit, I could probably make a good living settin' that stuff up...

4:07 PM  
Blogger Ghost of Goldwater said...

If you ever do set that stuff up, will I get discounts?

5:10 PM  
Blogger parcequilfaut said...

Hookers and Blow, woot!

Sauce, I hope it works out for you. It's just kind of sad that me and the 4 other people who are forming a spirituality group have put together a mission statement, short-term and long-term plan in place, in about six weeks, in our off time....and your boss, who GETS PAID to have all that type stuff done, doesn't.

Hit me up in a little while if you want to hear about your ET's possibly imminent possible job change.

6:15 PM  

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