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I know I keep going on about it

But there are few things more beautiful than a northeastern spring after a long-ass winter. Every day brings some new marvel, a bit more green in the grass, the tiniest leaves on the willow trees, magnolias in bloom...

The view from my office window is a stunning mix of greens- from palest bottle green to deep forest and all shades in between, pink, orange, and deep brown. It definitely has a calming effect. In fact, damn if I don't want to go frolic outside and play in the tulips & dandelions.

Still no word if the office is moving, no word at all from Boss, really.
I cleaned everything up today anyway, just in case. Not that it would take much to move 98% of the stuff here. I have a desk, filing cabinet & computer. One pickup truck would be sufficient, and we'd have room to spare. Getting it down the world's narrowest spiral staircase... that will be the interesting thing.


Blogger Steph said...

sounds like this Bosslady bitch needs a nice swift kick in the................head via ME!

are all Bosslady's such bitches?

2:24 PM  

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