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Danger, Special Sauce! Danger!

Well, I'm getting the Danger signal from everyone, so tomorrow morning I will tell Bosslady that the negotiations did not turn out so well, and we will have to return to the plan B, using the empty office space in her old building until it is leased. This could be 3 weeks, it could be 3 months- but running a skeleton office out of there will be immensely better than running a skeleton office out of my house.

(Because it's bad enough the only people I ever see are bosslady, her aide, and one of her daughters. If I worked out of my house I'd see... the cats. I rarely leave the house as it is, aside from work.)

Supposedly she's got another possiblity lined up but won't be able to talk to the person for a few weeks (unsure what that's all about- I know who she's talking about, and... well... maybe she's just not phrasing it to me well.)

And the cherry on top of it all? Evil's throwing up. Frequently. At least twice today, usually partially undigested kibble/wet food. She's still perky, alert, and being her usual evil self, but I don't like the way she's not keeping things down. I will call the vet tomorrow morning to see if there's anything we can do about the puking. Maybe she'd keep liquids down better. I really, really hope so.

I'll keep you posted.


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