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If I were LESS scrupulous.

I just discovered that there's a big. Happy. Shiny. Candylike. Bottle of Kahlua in the cabana fridge. (They use this as an auxilliary fridge, so there's usually all manner of interesting stuff in there, besides my lunch.)

If I wanted to make this the ideal day, I would sit back with a large bottle of chocolate milk (or coffee)and an equally large measure of kahlua,(really, really large, because...well...) and kick it with the boss's cat, and get happy.

And by "happy", I mean drunk.

I will settle for Soul Coughing on the radio, some really good "healthy" puffy corn (think cheez curls, made with healthy shit, and formed like popcorn. The bad for you ones are the food of the gods, especially when partially stale. These aren't bad though), and the cat.

Here's hoping your day is just as spiffy.

Superbonbon, superbonbon, superbonbon.


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