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Bring on the tulips!


Yes. I am in a freakin' awesome mood. It's 9:30, and I've been awake
for almost 4 hours. (rather, it was when I wrote this, and Blogger wouldn't let me post, d'oh!)I shouldn't be in a good mood, but I am. Why,
you ask?


It is actually going to be nearly sixty degrees farenheit today. 63
degrees, even. I am positively delerious. I'm not wearing any polar
fleece, my hair is damned cute, my eyes don't have huge bags under
them, and I broke out my sandals. Sandals! SANDALS!
(And I would have broken out my capri pants, but my ass is still too
big for 'em. Grr.) Tomorrow... I may voluntarily wear a skirt
too. Woo!

All the windows are open, here in the cabana, and I can hear the birds
chirping. I can smell spring flowers coming up. As I was walking
into the office, I also smelled one of my favorite smells. Dried
tobacco. Not like a box of cigarettes, but the smell of tobacco
leaves in a barn somewhere, or what I always imagine it smells like.
Smells good.

I will admit it, I love spring. I do. One of the things I missed in
Florida was the changing of the seasons. The grass, when it turns
that "it has just rained for a week straight, and this is the first
day we can really work that chlorophyll thing" shade of emerald green,
can pretty much move me to tears. Damn if it's not one of the most
beautiful sights out there.

If the light holds, and I can find my camera, I think I may need to
head out this afternoon and take some pictures. (And I'm not trying
to be creepy here, honest) It's the time of year when caretakers start
to clean up the plots at the cemetery, and there may still be some
flowers out. And lest you all think I'm off my rocker- (Goldie, vouch
for me, will you?) I love photographing gravestones and statuary. The
carving is exquisite, and for me, it's sort of a way to give my
respects to those who are buried there. (It all goes back to the
"you're never really gone, if someone remembers you", and
photographing stones that maybe nobody has paid attention to in 50, 60
years, well, that's how I remember them.)

Of course, there are rules to this.

1. No stepping directly on someone's spot, if you can help it.
2. Thank the person
3. Never at dusk, or at night (the light's bad, and I do
believe in things that go bump in the night.)
4. Show some respect (clean up papers blowing around, etc)

It's peaceful there- and it is interesting to let your mind wander,
wondering about the life of the person whose stone you're
photographing. I've always gone alone, but there's one cemetery in
the really shady part of town (and I know i live in whitebread
central, but people get shot down there all the time) I'd really like
to go to, it's got some OLD stones, but I'm a bit hesitant to go
alone. I'll have to recruit someone for a Saturday afternoon

I haven't done this in a few years, and it's going to be fun to get
back into it. I'll keep you posted.

Also: Have finally figured out what to get my mother for her
birthday. (Seriously. Usually, I can get away with getting her
something I think is cool, but not so much anymore- "I don't NEED
anything. I don't want any dust catchers, I have enough clothes, buy
me an alpaca." ) She's been kvetching since I got back from FL
that she wants family portraits done. And as much as I like
photographing other stuff, I'd actually rather have my fingernails
ripped out, slowly, and then soak my fingertips in a bleach,
saltwater, and lye solution than get my picture taken.

So, I decided that I'd get pictures taken with Odie, by Stoltzfus-
master photographer- (Ma was thinking Sears. I'm thinking, No.).
This way, I know the pictures won't suck. Stoltzfus will do
something creative, it won't break the bank, and if she likes the
pics, I'll spring for family portraits for their anniversary. Woo!
Problem solved!

Now I've got 2 weeks to plan for dad. (Seriously. March 22 is odie's
birthday. 2 weeks later to. The. Day is Saucemomma's
birthday. Exactly 2 weeks after that, is PappaSauce's birthday. Then
comes Mother's day, their anniversary, and Father's day. Oy!

On that note, I hope the sun is shining wherever you are. And if it
is, why are you inside reading my dreck? GO OUTSIDE!
Get the stink blowed off ya.


Blogger parcequilfaut said...

outside it is so. Gorgeous.

I am at the Artist's place, where there are no animals, so all the doors and windows are open. It's SPRING, finally. Thank G-d.

It's interesting that you have some of the same graveyard rules that people who practice magic do. Guess respect for those who have passed on crosses religious boundaries....

New kitty pics over at my side, and new tattoo pics coming soon........with Artist pics! Woo!

6:15 PM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

I almost, dare I say it, frolicked in the sun after work. Damned if it wasn't beautiful. I kept the windows open even though it was still a little bit chilly.

I think the respect thing does pass boundaries. For me it's not so much a religious thing, as a "just because you can't see 'em, doesn't mean they don't see you, and what- were you raised in a barn?" kind of thing.

I didn't dig out the camera tonight, but I did snag some pictures to scan tomorrow so there will be even more amusement coming including... (drumroll) Special Sauce's Senior Picture, featuring the creeping caterpillar eyebrows of doom. (muwahahahahahaha!) Headin' over now to check out the photo fun at your place, woo!

6:47 PM  
Blogger parcequilfaut said...

You should have seen the half-clothed pagans dancing in the yard tonight, bringing down the rain that was refusing to break.

CDHSarah and the Dumb Dog and I went out to the circle of logs around the fire pit, and watched the lightning and frolicked in it. And as soon as we stopped dancing, it went to a light drizzle. Cabio sile!

"Just because you can't see them, don't mean they can't see you"....ET, this is why we are ETs, because that's the way I feel about the whole universe.

1:47 AM  

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