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What's Shiny, Pink, and Sounds Really Good?

Before I get into that- thanks MWN and ET for cheering me up, I really appreciate it. I am feeling a lot better now. A lot of these issues are the same in the Senior Care industry too (which sounds really cold- but I can't think of an appropriate term). Turnover especially. It was really good this weekend, then, to go in and make valentines with my crafty crew. I only had about 6 come, but one was a new resident, and one was a resident from the very beginning, and I've never seen her come out for a craft, ever. They had a really good time, and I made some extras to deliver to my friends. Seeing their faces really helped to cheer me up too. (And it's cool, because one of the women is a dead ringer for my great grandmother.) A lot of the old gang from when I worked there regularly is gone, but a few are still there. (Between you, me, and the gatepost, if the owner wasn't such a moneygrubbing douchebag meddling jerk, and I didn't flat out refuse to do Chapel, I'd be gunning for the activities director job. They hate the woman in charge, and I'd run rings around her- I did it once before... Heh.)


Now, what's shiny, pink and sounds really good? An ipod mini, that's what. This was my Christmas present from my boss (I know- my jaw dropped), and I have just finally corraled Odie (official younger brother of Special Sauce) long enough to put some music on it. The PC I use at home is so old, the software won't work.

Now I can also use my work PC to put music I have on it, but usually forget to bring the thing, and this weekend, managed to leave all my CDs in the office. And why the burning urgency?

...because I'm actually going to the gym tomorrow, and reportedly they have shitty music. Being up at 5:30 to be at G Monkey's by 6:30 I can handle (and with luck, can shave down to the absolute minimum of time by the end of the week). Contorting my body into poses it hasn't been in since high school? Sure. Looking like a refugee because I don't really "do" sweatpants, and my sneakers are shite, and I'm not shelling out cash for new gear right now? Sure. All of this with Crappy music? No. Fucking. Way.

Mercifully, the gym is reportedly empty at this time of morning (because only crackheads, and my brother are up and about at that time). With my luck, there will be a parade of tourists with camcorders, the local news team, and a jumbotron set up that day. (Because even if they're not looking at you, it doesn't stop the brain from thinking what it wants, and running it's own dialogue, 'k?) And the Cardio? Um, 30 minutes isn't going to happen. I'm thinking 15 is an admirable goal, and I'll make the rest up in weights, and work toward the 30 minute mark. I know how thoroughly, and rather embarassingly out of shape I am (and I'd rather my heart not explode before my insurance kicks in)- but I also know I can still lift heavy shit (my family nickname isn't "upper body strength girl" for nothing...)

So watch your news tomorrow evening, and if you see a story with a dateline from Pennsylvania, and it involves someone getting injured in some Rube Goldbergian fashion involving some freeweights, a spandex leotard, one of those big rubber balls, and 2 powerbars being shoved up someone's nostrils, you'll know it was me...

Film at 11.


Blogger parcequilfaut said...

Aww, ET. I know you'll do fine.

I want an iPod so, so bad but I totally don't need one but I WANT ONNNEEEEE! Ok. Calm.

Time to go lie in bed and smoke and read Olivia Joules. Whee!

11:41 PM  
Blogger Ghost of Goldwater said...

Note to other users of Sauce's gym:
I will pay handsomely for pictures! Muahahaha!

4:04 AM  

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