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Seriously. This snow thing?

Enough already.

Sure it's not Boston snow, or Minnesota cold, but enough already.

It's time for another epsiode (installment?) of "Things I've learned this week".

1. "Neither" is not an option when chosing Superbowl winners.

2. My ancient Saturn does fairly well on snow-covered roads, but doesn't like the 4-way stop on an incline near my house.

3. Layers are our friends.

4. The pipes in the bathroom sink will freeze only on the day when you have purchased the gallon-jug size coffee on your way to work.

5. When you make this discovery, you will immediately begin to sing "What do you do when your pipes freeze over" to the tune of "What do you do with a drunken sailor", over and over again because caffiene makes you stupid like that. Also, you will be so ecstatic that the toilet still works that you will not care.

6. I am powerless to resist photos of siblings in matching outfits (up to the age of like, seven. After the kids hit puberty it's creepy, and if you're still doing it as adults, seek help.)

7. I am stupid for having left Florida, despite the fact that my brain would have rotted, and I'd have probably gone on a killing spree. I would have been a toasty warm serial killer.

8. I hate my mittens, which are a full inch too long in the thumb, and an inch and a half too long in the fingers, so now...

9. I'm looking for a good 2 needle mitten pattern that is compatible with brown sheep bulky yarn. (I want to make crazy-striped non-matching mittens to coordinate with my freshly minted hat. Amazingly enough, a skein each of cream, black, light grey and dark grey, has managed to make me 2 stocking hats without a roll brim, one with, and hopefully, the aforementioned mittens. Sweet.)

10. There's a nifty Dinosaur exhibit going on at my local museum. Of course, Paul lives in Texas, and knew about this way before I did. D'oh. (And shameless whoring, the Esoteric Science Resource Center is awesome, and I have been reading his stuff since way back when he was writing some truly awesome stuff for the Healing Power of Obnoxiousness. He's adamantly not writing anymore, but is putting together some of his HPOO stuff in book form. I cannot wait. Despite what he says, Paul is one of the good guys. He got screwed one too many times, and I can't blame him for stepping away.)



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