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Ok, first the good news.

The Eagles won, blowing Mr. Baltimore's mind. It was an interesting game, and was indeed the first time I ever hoped they would win. (I feared for the entire eastern seaboard if they lost the championship the fourth year in a row). They soundly defeated the Falcons, and in what is now a tradition with me, I left the bar right before the fistfights broke out. Drat.

Now the not as good news.

The Steelers lost.

We also played like a team with a rookie quarterback for the first half of the game, and the Pats played like the Superbowl champs that they are. However, we had a damned good run, and I am glad we got as far as we did. I would never have thought it would happen earlier this year. Nobody did. So, at least they tried. This is one of the best Steelers teams we've had in a long, long time.

And is it wrong that I just wanted to go give Ben Roethlisberger a hug? Jeez, the poor guy looked about twelve years old during a lot of the game- kind of wondering "Where the hell did these guys come from?" Poor guy. He did damned fine for a rookie. Next year, we're takin' them down. (For if this is what we could do with a rookie, imagine what we can do when he's "seasoned".)

I will live vicariously through Mr. Baltimore, and the Eagles in the SuperBowl.

That said, I'm going to brave the roads this morning. Whee!


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