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And before I forget-




Ok, and go Eagles too, but only because I want to see Mr. Baltimore's head explode (or at least hear it) if they do win. Mr Baltimore is convinced that the Eagles will choke again (which, if they do, will be amusing, because all of Philadelphia will self destruct). He's a devout Eagles fan, but has been let down 3 times in a row. He has vowed, however, that if the Eagles win, he will jog down a local thoroughfare, Naked.

(I would be quite pleased if he simply jogged around his apartment naked, but that is neither here nor there.)

Here's hoping the roads are clear enough by 6:00 that I can make it to the sportsbar. I would really like an Iron City, and to see Ben on the big screen. (For Lancaster Brewing's Strawberry Wheat just isn't exactly a football-watching kind of beer, and that's all I have on hand. Yuengling is merely a cooking beer.)

And if you want to participate in the traditional Special Sauce luncheon, which will bring good luck to the Steelers (or you just want something tremendously not healthy for you, and you enjoy meat...)

Special Sauce's 'rogi Lunch.

1 package kielbasa (turkey is fine)
1 package pierogis, your choice of flavor (Frozen is what I use, because... I don't have a Polish Nana.
1 medium onion, cut in half, sliced thinly
1 Yuengling (or other appropriate local lagery beer) (bottle)

rolls, mustard, more beer.

Cut the kielbasa into 4 pieces, and cut those in half lengthwise, if you like. put them cut side down (or not) in a big whonkin' frying pan. Put the onions on top. Pour on the beer and put a lid on the works till the beer boils. Once the beer boils take the lid off, put on a layer of pierogis (some like to mist theirs with oil before they put them on, but i like mine a little chewy) put the lid half on and turn your heat down so the beer is simmering. The beer steams the pierogis, makes the kielbasa tasty, and the onions tolerable. Once the liquid cooks down to a nice thick syrup, (you can stir occasionally if necessary, but if you use a big heavy pan, on low heat, you're ok.) take it off the heat, throw the kielbasa in a bun with some brown mustard and onions, and snag a few pierogi.

Life... is good.



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