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Mmm. Friday.

And nothing says Friday like the All Mighty Senators poppin' through your speakers. I defy you to stay in a grouchy mood when Landis is askin' ya to "Flex and Release". (As in, yer gluteus maximus... yup.)

Side story, related to nothing exactly other than it's one hell of a happy memory.

G. Monkey met Mr. G. Monkey at a Senators show, at the club that Mr. G. Monkey now manages. G. Monkey really loves the Senators (and again, how could you not? Space funk. Very tall man, dressed in something outlandish, Standing up, singing lead and playing drums at the same time?) and Mr. G. Monkey obliged by getting them to play the club as often as possible.

And, for their wedding? No mere DJ would suffice, oh no... who did the Newly Minted Mr. & Mrs. G. Monkey (and their tastefully attired bridal party) rock out to? The All Mighty Senators. Best. Wedding. Ever.

More stuff to come later (like the inevitable 12 inches of snow we'll get Saturday...)




Blogger parcequilfaut said...

Oh, ET. You lucky dog, with your Saturdays off.

If you get a chance, go to WRVU tonight between midnight and 2 am CST and listen to TV Time. You'll get to hear your ET and Patrick, the Playful Duchess of All Media, too. It's worth it.

Or just go see my new entry, whatever.

10:30 PM  

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