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appropos of nothing

I am editing my boss's weekly message this morning, and stumbled across the phrase "I was filled with pride". Innocent enough, till my brain gets a hold of it.

When my brain gets a hold of it, it turns into "I am filled with pride. Pride and jelly donuts" and I think it would make an excellent book title. And it's making me laugh. A lot. (Especially because I abhor jelly donuts.) Perhaps it should just be shortened to "Pride and Jelly Donuts". Perhaps I should start drinking coffee again, or perhaps stop licking so many toads.

(Aside to Luz- Dark Chocolate filled pastries? You lucky, lucky devil. Obesity and Diabetes be damned.)


Blogger luz de la luna said...

Firstly, you should start drinking coffee again! Coffee is the drink of the Gods! Life is best when fueled by coffee and sugar :-D Bring on that 'ol jittery insanity!! I have not tried the toads but if I ever come across one I will be sure to give it a lick. I think coffee might taste the best though! :-O

Hmmm, it does sound like a good name for a book! I do that kind of thing all the time. Random phrase will pop into my mind such as banana monkey and I'll find it funny. This means that maybe *I* should stop drinking coffee and take up the shock treatments again!

Ah, and yeah special sauce.... mmmmmmmmmmmmm dark chocolate filled pastries! Obesity and diabetes be damned indeed! :-;

Best Wishes
- La Luna

10:41 AM  

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