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New Year's Gift!


Permit me to indulge a little glee on the part of someone else's misery.
Tucker Carlson (bow-tie clad weasel)is not having his contract renewed at CNN. Ostensibly, it is because CNN has realized it has overdosed on screeching partisan politicking shows (and I'm including the libs here too- sometimes James Carville, as much as I like the man, needs to shut his fucking muppety mouth)I can only hope that Fox News and MSNBC aren't far behind. One side screaming at the other doesn't change minds, it only serves to inflame the tempers of the furthest reaches of both sides. Why not present facts, and let people make their own decisions? That's a novel concept. I think that used to be called... wait... let me see if I remember... oh yeah. NEWS.

Speaking of decision making (how's that for a segue?)I had a great meeting with G. Monkey, DesignGuru and MasterMarketer tonight. It's kind of sad, but I miss working with people who are passionate about something, and know how to get what they want and do their jobs. Tonight just drove that home. Listening to DesignGuru (who was a bit inebriated, since there was a massive firing at his ad agency yesterday, and he went to lunch with a lot of people who no longer care about little things like "sobriety during working hours". Also, he was funnier tonight than I've seen him in 10 years. amazing.) and MasterMarketer breaking things down was enlightening. It gave me a massive amount of hope for the future of this journal, and I think that, if FBD can pull her head out of her anal cavity long enough to recognize this, and the board can just sit down and let the experts do what they need to do, we could have a very impressive piece of work. G. Monkey's incredible for getting this together, and stepping up to be the chairperson of the committee.

Oh yeah. And I'm now an assistant editor.


This is very favorable. I just hope to Elvis that this works out.

Tomorrow I'll post the really rockin' founders message I did for work this week, because I love it that much.


Blogger Carolynn said...

I just read a comment of yours on Marilyn's site and I'm so glad that some one agrees with me about ponchos. They are sick sick sick! I have had 2 people ask me to make them one and I refuse.

12:40 AM  
Blogger parcequilfaut said...

Hee Hee! The Carlson tangled with Jon Stewart and now he's gon-berry-gone. HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA....

Good luck with the project, man. And thanks for the Tomato Nation update...update. :)

4:06 AM  

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