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Where to even begin...

Ok. Starters. I can't talk about the election. Not yet, anyway. You want to do something about it? Good, go over to Tomato Nation and read Wednesday's vine. (The last part, to be exact.) Then go to Donors Choose and put your money where your anger is. When I'm able to think about the election without wanting to alternately cry and put my fist through the nearest wall, I'll talk about it.

In the meantime, the second scariest thing I discovered today...

While I was in our local Starbucks (I know, but I was there for a meeting) I really loved the music that was playing. It was Johnny Cash, Aretha Franklin, the Live Concert by the musicians from O' Brother..., and some other stuff. I owned all of the cds being played. Now, does this make me a total hoser because my musical tastes are apparently in sync with the starbucks clientele? Should this scare me as much as it did? (granted, I needed something petty and obsessive to occupy my mind)

Work is going well, except for the fact that I get my directives in very short staccato bursts, usually in between cell phone rings and trips to pick up offspring. (Boss's, not mine.) I'm scheduling a "No Phones" meeting on Monday to pin down some of the basic information I need to do my job. In brighter news, I did get a title today, and it's not queen of the maroons (that is, after all, my birthright). I'm officially the Assistant Director. Whee. :)

Oh, and for the record? I work in my boss's poolhouse. Make that my boss's 2 story, with kitchen and great view and nicer than some places I've lived... poolhouse. Heh. If I would not be working 24 hours a day, I would so beg to live in it. *L*

To sum up, I will appropriate a good quote...

Don't mourn, Organize!


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