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Hicks. The good kind.

Yes. The good kind of Hicks. Bill Hicks.

Go here, now. I'll wait. The DVD came out today, I suggest getting a copy for yourself, and for your siblings, parents, and anyone else who needs to see the light. There's a book too. Remember, the holidays are coming, and if you're looking for that special present for a special sauce... heh.

Anyway. Gave the Benevolent Dictator my resignation today. Orally. She guessed my news before I could spring the letter on her. I'll still give her the letter, so she doesn't get confused, and think I meant next Monday, or some other day. She was surprisingly good today, and didn't give me a lot of static. I'm sure tomorrow will be different, after she's had the chance to think about it for a while. I don't think the reality of the situation has sunk in yet. I am done in three days. Monkey's not "going back to work" for three more weeks. Still, she didn't even ask me what I was working on, or to explain what I actually do in the office, so she can handle things herself for the next two weeks. Nope. (Changing the phone over for December, buying letterhead and taking an hour and a half to take lunch-money to her kid were more important...)

Of course, if she does go batshit crazy on me tomorrow, I'll just pick up my stuff and inform her that today was a volunteer day, and walk out. Heh. Things just get so much easier when you really don't care. I finished the vast majority of what I needed to do, already, so I wouldn't feel terrible leaving early.

On a Halloween related note, I've decided to go as the singlemost frightening thing I can come up with, and Monkey's in on the act. We're going as ourselves... in Junior High. Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Truly the stuff nightmares are made of. (And much simpler than my Tippi Hedrin costume) Oh yes... baby doll dress, white tights, red socks- slouched, natch- a backpack, a horrible bobbed wig with bangs, and ugly white sneakers. Yep. I'm livin' the dream. All I need are smaller boobs, bigger glasses and a passel of cool kids to torture me and I am sooooo back in Jr. Hi. At least this time around I can drink legally.



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