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Evil Bastard

Yes. I am.

Just trust me on this one. I've been rather the evil shit lately, and it's kind of fun. OK, so it wasn't wholly evil. My Ex Benevolent Dictator either lost, or couldn't be bothered to even look at the "secretarial procedures" manual I made her. She actually lined up volunteers to hand-address postcards for a mailing, and would have made them do it, if Monkey hadn't talked to me. So, I had to explain to the EBD that the document did indeed exist, and if she couldn't find it in the book, she could print it fresh from the computer. This isn't evil. Nope, making sure that my sig line included my new job title of "Assistant Director" was.

The jury's still out on the new job, and for lack of a better name, my boss shall henceforth be referred to as "The Whirlwind". She blows in for five to ten minutes at a time, dispenses with her directives, questions or requests, and promptly blows away again.

I love it.

I enjoy being told what the desired end result is, and being allowed the power to choose whatever route to make it happen. In fact, I really enjoy my office, and the work atmosphere. Now, if I could just manage to bludgeon our accountant to death, or at least get him thrown off our account, I'd be a happier person. He's a schlep who pulls a massive amount of attitude every time he's asked to do his freakin' job. *I* can fill out the state tax exemption form, and I'm a moron, but it's a gigantic production for this guy. (Complete with sighing, a put-out tone of voice and I wouldn't be surprised if I was actually on speaker phone, so he could drag around his gigantic cross with my organization's name on it.) Hate!

After a week, The Whirlwind's dog doesn't even hate me so much anymore. Heh. Plus, I've been told that the cats are permitted in my office, and anytime I need a fur fix, I can let them in. Whee! Almost as good as having Silent Bob in there with me.

Now, onto the political bullshit.

My mother sent me some letter that was forwarded around one of her mailing lists, from a woman who has decided she's not helping anyone, because Bush got re-elected. Her theory is she's not donating anything, not even her old clothing, because people won't change until the help's not there anymore. She says they should go to the churches that told them to vote Bush, if they want a handout.

I think this woman's full of shit, and she should hope she never needs the help of any charity. I say this not just because I work for a nonprofit. If anything, non profit institutions are going to need more help from the public, not less. The government, under Dub, is going to cut even more of the budgets for social services to pay for this stupid fucking war we're in.

editor's note: Special Sauce supports the people fighting the war 100%. It's the assholes who put us there in the first place I have a problem with. So don't send me your stupid emails

I said it before, I'll say it again. If you're feeling enraged because of the election, make a donation to a charity. It may ease your conscience a bit, and it will certainly help someone who desperately needs your help.

If not, you can always visit Marry an American... Heh.


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