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Cooking Junkie

Food Geekery: No, the title's not a a recipe for the local crackhead, but a book. A gigantic book of delicious goodness bound to make the average cooking geek practically ooze giddiness. That's right- the New Best Recipe Cookbook by the folks at Cook's Illustrated. I have loved their line drawings, their no-nonsense brand comparisons, and their unmatched dedication, for years. They're not pretentious like the folks at Saveur or Gourmet, they are people, like you and me. They don't have 7 hours to braise an imported yak's tongue, then hand craft their own spun-sugar cage to serve over it. They're people who want good food, done simply, using methods that are easily understood, and will turn out the best possible results.

Accomplishing that task is a bit daunting at times, as they will make countless batches of the same dish, varying the ingredients and methods until they finally come to the quintessential verion of the dish. Their magazine, and in turn, the cookbook (a beefy tome that makes the Clinton bio look like cliffs notes) takes you through the process, and lets you get a glimpse at their methodolgy.

I highly recommend picking up a copy at your favorite book-purchasing place. It is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook, or the beginner (G. Monkey's getting a copy for Christmas), or the food geek on your list.

And no, I'm not a shill for the Cook's folks. I also recommend Alton Brown's cookbooks, and Rachael Ray's 30 Minute Meals books. They also indulge my inner food geek (Alton) and my impatience with "pretentious" food (Rachael). If you want more info on either of them, check out www.foodtv.com

Otherwise, I've got nothin'.

Ok. Maybe just one or two more things.

Sports Geekery: I actually did not watch the game on Sunday. Partly because it was against the 'skins- c'mon, and partly because of the very late night I had. If they would have broadcast it on local TV, I'd have caught it, but was in no mood to develop emphysema just to watch (the studly) Ben Roethlisberger win a game against a crappy team. In other news, the Raiders actually won a game, against the Broncos no less. In a related note, Beelzebub is practicing for a 7th circle version of Disney on Ice (absolutely indistinguishable from the original), and monkeys actually did fly out my ass. Bengals/Browns game? The hell?

Fiber Geekery: is it really wrong that I want to knit a tape-measure cozy and hammer-hanger cozy from Duct Tape for the Knitting Curmudgeon's Christmas Crap-Along? Heh.

Charitable Geekery: Hey, if you send Planned Parenthood money, you get your appointments a hell of a lot faster. Ok, not really. However, I was pleasantly surprised to call for an appointment, and get one for tomorrow. And, if you're thinking of gifts for the difficult to buy for on your list, may I humbly offer a few suggestions?

Planned Parenthood The group so nice, I linked them twice. When you don't have insurance, your local PP is your reproductive system's best friend. Even when you do have insurance, it's kind of nice to go to a place run by women, dedicated to making sure that ovarian-americans have access to birth control, annual testing, hiv, std and pregnancy tests, and a whole host of other things that George W. wants to get rid of.

Donors Choose I've plugged them before, but it doesn't make them any less worthy. They're actually ensuring that "No Child is Left Behind" in a way George W's cabinet only wishes they could have come up with. They're actually funding programs. Your donation can be applied to the grant proposal of your choosing, and it's a pretty swell organization.

I also suggest donating to your local hospital. Inquire if they have a fund for people unable to pay for health care. Donate to your local senior center or meals on wheels. Take a bag or two of critter food to the local animal shelter, cut up some fluffy towels for cage liners (or get creative and sew/knit some!), or if you're able- volunteer to foster-care for special needs critters. (We foster-cared for several batches of kittens who needed medication- it's super hard to give them up, but it does feel good.) The shelter provides the meds and supplies, you provide the love and get them well enough to be adopted.

Anyway... be warm. Be fuzzy.


Blogger Memphis Word Nerd said...

Oh, my lord, you are so totally my hero! It is eerie how much we think alike.

Cook's Illustrated? Yeah, my favorite magazine. I have a five year stack sitting in my pantry. I want to frame some of the back covers and hang them on my kitchen walls. I got the best carrot recipe in the world from them. Simple food that tastes fancy...what could be better?

Planned Parenthood? Total fan. I love their emails.

Animal Rescue? Ahh, you should meet my two "children" (yes, they're of the furry variety). Both rescued from bad situations, both the loves of my life.

Donors Choose? Perhaps you're the person who first introduced me to them; I'm not sure when I discovered them but that's just about my favorite website.

Sports geekery? Hmmm...you got me there. UGA isn't having a good year. As a result, neither am I.

To add a topic of my own, how about blog geekery? :-) I'm glad that you share that one; I love reading your posts.

2:25 PM  

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