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Caution: Football Ranting Ahead

OK, I'm a dull, dull girl. I admit it.

Still like work. Still infatuated with Ben Roethlisberger. Still absolutely overjoyed that the Steelers are still winning. Does it count as a rant if you aren't bitching?

Good stuff: Last week's win over the Eagles was a beautiful, beautiful thing. To which I say- Take that, Andy Reid, you parka wearing foo'. Take THAT TerRELL Owens, you loudmouthed, jackass-dancing, team-changing-when-you-don't-get-your-way douchebag. Take that Donovan McNabb, and make sure your chunky-soup-shillin' mamma takes some too. Most importantly, take THAT you obnoxious Eagles fans, and blow it out your ears.

Good stuff II: This week's win over Cleveland was also beautiful. Oh sure, you think you're going to run all over us with your figgie in the first two minutes- then we spank you like redheaded stepchildren for the next 56 minutes. Take that- Browns fans. (P.S. The dog masks suck.)

Stupid Stuff: I have to admit, I have been relatively lucky this season when it comes to catching the Steelers games. Dish Network has shown all of the games but six on our regular programming. However, it's ridiculous that we can't get the Steelers games here on our local channel. We're considered a Bawlmurr market, which is ludicrous. (Don't get me wrong, many wonderful things come from Bawlmurr- the show Homicide, the Aquarium, Edgar Allen Poe. The Ravens? Not so much.) Folks are petitioning the NFL to get the games shown here, and the station in question WANTS to show the Steelers games, so who knows. Given the choice, I'd rather stay in and watch the game in my pajamas, than have to go out to a smoky bar to watch.

Other news. G. Monkey starts her new job tomorrow, and I wish her luck. She's a Deputy Director, and yes- everyone wants to know if she gets a tin star with that. heh. My job's ok, but I'm still not loving the fact that I am completely alone all day long. That kind of sucks. Ah well.

Not for the faint of heart- Fuck the South. Yeah. Pretty much. (And folks, I want to hear no bitching.)


Blogger Memphis Word Nerd said...

Well, you forestalled me with your "no bitching" comment, so I'll try to be constructive rather than just bitching. It's so hard, though! :-) I *reallyreallyreallyreally* hate that "Fuck the South" website. I just don't get it. Generalizations like that make my skin crawl. Admittedly, entirely too many of my fellow southerners are waaaaaaay too conservative for my personal comfort level but I still love the south. The website might as well say "Fuck New York" because they're all muggers and murderers (that stereotype is just as aggravating to me - I used to live in NYC) or "Fuck Seattle" because, well, I don't know, they gave us the evil empire known as Starbucks (Hmmm...maybe that one works)?

On a more positive note, I love Roethlisberger's new commercial. I saw it for the first time last night.

I hope that you post more soon; I love your blog.

10:43 AM  

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