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Oh, sorry. That was me.

That really loud cursing you heard yesterday around 5:30? That was me.

My beloved Nerdmobile, my 94 Saturn, decided to take a shit on me. Well, perhaps I had encouraged it to do so, what with being emboldened by ignoring the "you should do something with me, but Dutchie can't figure out what, so ignoring is the best tactic" light that periodically comes on on my dashboard.

Take note: Never ignore the "Battery" light.

Because if you do, you will wind up OK while you're driving during daylight, with your radio off*, but the nanosecond you turn on your lights, your car will go into seizure mode, and seriously fuck with you at traffic lights (mercifully only 2 of which were red) and you will get stuck behind some absolute fucking douchebag asshole who is doing twenty-fucking-five-motherfucking-miles-a-damned-hour in a Goddamned forty-fucking-five zone. And you will want to crawl up the dude's ass, but you're afraid to because now there's an entire christmas tree's worth of lights that have come on, and 2 of them read "brake" and "Anti-lock brakes" and you really, really, don't want to rear end the dude, even if he would fucking deserve it.

So. Um. Yeah.

We're testing it today to see if it's just the battery, or possibly the alternator. I need to take it back up to Dutchie anyway because it needs new front brakes, and I think it needs an oil change and a flush & fill too. The air filter and the windshield blades I can do my self. (Then again, so could a monkey.)

In other news: Went to Saw II yesterday. That was creepy, disturbing, and not really one I would have chosen to go see on my own. The writing was a bit... stupid, and the gore was, while not excessive, exceptionally realistic. Overall ok, but the twist at the end was nice, as was the Christopher Walken Lookin' Guy.

Otherwise, nothing to report except for Troy Polamalu being on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week, and flannel sheets being on sale at Target for $15.00 (granted, they're kind of kiddy patterns, but for fifteen bucks- all sizes- and they stay soft and don't shrink up horribly in the wash- they're a steal.) Oh. And Ferret Trimmin' Girl IS preggers.

More on the nerdmobile and other crap as it happens...

*which was a massive trial, because I just bought a doohickey to put on my iPod mini that plays it over a radio station...


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