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No, they haven't

Really, the terrorists, my former bosses, and those bastard department store santas have not won. I've just been, well, busy.

Ok, that's a lie. I've been. Well, I don't know what I've been, but it was fun.

Friday I went out with the Incomprable C, Ferret Trimmin' Girl, JB (one of my current bosses) and her husband for drinks and apps at a nifty little restaurant north of town. That was fun. It was excellent to see everyone OUTSIDE work. Nobody got snockered and danced on the table, though. Rats.

Also had Cheddar Theater- Shock Waves. In brief: Good movie about Zombies. Nazi Zombies who live underwater. And it starred the boy from Flipper. And his moustache. Oh yeah, and there was a Carradine and some Cushing in there too. Heh. Good deal. AND I got to see Sir Eric of Horst's short film "Interview with a Dungeonkeeper". And it was AWESOME. And it may be available on Atom films. So cross your fingers, eh?

Saturday and Sunday were P's days off, so... yeah. Lots of P. We made 2 ginormous (and 2 small) Pumpkin Cheesecakes on Saturday night, and went out for dinner, and on Sunday we went hiking and dinner again. (And watched the aforementioned short film.) And how do I know this one's a good egg? Other than the stopping and trying to calm me down after my lungs freaked right the fuck out and refused to function correctly as we were hiking up the incline? (Because he did, and I was right damned freaked out. When he laughed after I said "Man, I'd love to bring my knitting up here and sit in the sun and knit" he wasn't laughing at, but with me. Heh. (And followed up with "you're funny. You've got a healthy streak of tomboy, but you knit too. Heh.")


What are all y'all up to?


Blogger AJ Gentile said...

Any man who doesn't laugh at the knitting is a keeper, grandma.

3:12 AM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

That's kinda what I figured too. Good egg, him.

Maybe he's afraid I'll jab him someplace tender (eyeball, perhaps?) with a knitting needle if he does laugh.

5:45 AM  
Blogger Steph said...

wow, when i think "jab" and "tender" in the same sentence, i don't think eyeball.

shame on me..........ha!

12:00 PM  

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