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Well, now...

So. I finally have a lead on how to get the Hospital Property Hookup. The Giganto-Mega-Hospital owns a cubic assload (not to be confused with the metric assload) of properties around the Mega-Hospital itself. These apartments are rented to whomever, especially employees, at rather low rates. (i.e. a 2 floor 2 bedroom for 520 incl w/s/t/h and snow removal.) And they're not slumlords. And they're all within walking distance of the Giganto-Mega-Hospital. This? Rocks.

So I'll be seeking said hookup, preferably in a 1 br. Because yes, I could swing 520, but I'd rather swing 420 instead. (or whatever it would cost.)

Also: I think I'm going to rent myself to the nurse managers as a typist. I bailed someone out this evening after I clocked out and made 20 bucks typing for less than an hour. (Her computer ate the diskette she had written her final term paper on, and it's due tomorrow. She had it halfway retyped, but couldn't finish- I finished transcribing the last 10 pages from her draft, and tried to turn down the cash, but she insisted. Awesome!)

And the fair is Friday- so we're going out for a fried dinner (OK, a cheesesteak, boardwalk fries, and perhaps a fried snickers bar or a waffle ice cream sandwich and a caramel apple to bring home.) And my favorite game (that I'v enever played) Rat Roulette. Woo! And I'll admit it, I like to look through the exhibits- particularly the arts/crafts ones. G. Monkey's going to join me, and we'll have fun winning dorky stuffed animals together and avoiding people I went to school with.


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