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Oh really now?

The overwhelming majority of search terms to hit the site lately have been for "AJ Gentile".

And I? Find that AWESOME.

But y'all don't want my site- y'all want AJ's Piece o' the Web. It's much more interesting. And if you act right now, you can see Jenny McCarthy peeing herself!

In other news- I am soooooo not going hiking today, as I can barely move. The foot is a little bit better, but now my legs are also exceptionally sore. I knew that would happen, so that's not any big surprise. A bummer, because I would have enjoyed the view that resulted from the hike. Shit happens.


Blogger AJ Gentile said...

What the?

They come here?

That's weird, homie.

And even WEIRDER that someone is typing my name into "Google".


8:46 PM  

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