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And a Heart-y good morning to you, too.

So I just did the American Heart Association's Heart Walk.

And thank Elvis I brought my ipod. Because even though I walked fast (for me) and got through the five mile course in about an hour and a half, I'd have died from sheer boredom.


Everything was great until about the last half mile, when I must have come down on my right foot funny. It hurts like a bastard without my sneakers on, so hiking tomorrow is probably out, unless I wrap the bejesus out of it.

I'm glad I did it. It was nice to see some of the people I work with, outside work, and it's definitely for a good cause. Now I can take a nap. Well, I can go see Most Perfect Mom Ever and The Most Perfect Children Ever, at the park, and THEN take a nap.

On a wholly unrelated note? There's a new Sinclair Lewis book out. "Go East, Young Man" and a beautiful trade paper edition of Babbitt. I'm positively thrilled. They also reissued "It Can't Happen Here". It looks like Sinclair Lewis is finally getting his due. Babbitt is one of those books I have to read every year, and it's definitely one of my favorite books. Sinclair Lewis simply creates characters that are timeless, well developed, skillfully described, and interweaves them into stories that are still relevant today. Think refined, midwestern Steinbeck. (Whom I also love, but for different reasons)


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