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Dear Next Door Neighbor, whose name I still don't know, nor do I care to-

Lets keep little instances like today to the barest of minimums, like say, "never again". I only answered the door because I thought you might be the UPS guy. I was simply so thrilled that you weren't asking for money, that I did agree to drive you and your children to pick up your mom's car. Don't ask me again. I don't like you, I don't want to have to make small talk with you, and I don't particularly want you in my car. There's a reason I hide in the basement most of the time, even when there isn't a floofy cat there. Namely, to avoid people. Especially you.

So, to recap. Hate you, don't much care for your kids (but they can't help it), don't expect a repeat of today.



In sewing news, I laid out the quiltlette top, and I need 1 more full sized flower, and I think I'll put in 8 small flowers (1 row of hexagons instead of 2) in the larger expanses of off-white. I'll try to put together a picture so you see what I mean... (assuming blogger isn't being doofy today)

Elvis explored my room this morning, but we quickly went back downstairs after Bob decided to be a nasty bitch to him.

And thus another day goes.


Blogger Special Sauce said...

OK. I just need to celebrate, because at 10:30 this evening, I finished the final flower for the top of my quilt. The small flowers are also done. Today I picked up the fabric to make the background hexagons.

And until this very nanosecond, thought I had enough yardage, but something tells me I'll be a tiny bit short- may go back tomorrow and pick up another yard to be safe. (Was thinking I had 4 rows of flowers, not 5 when I did my math. Duhh.)

10:39 PM  

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