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Oh, how I love the 4th.

What rocks about 4th of July weekend? Well, first, Stoltzfus's roof party extravaganza, and its fireworks show, complete with mortar fragments to the face, and wanton inebriation. Then comes Sunday. Oh, how I love the Sunday. Why?

Because from my deck I can watch no fewer than five (more if I dart my head about like a mosquito on crack, which I couldn't tonight, more on that later) fireworks shows. 1 very close, 2 not so close, 2 rather far off, and 2 out of regular sight range, but still visible. Our view? Kicks ass. The shows? 45 minutes of Oooooh & aaaaah inducing glee.


No traffic, barely any noise, and QT with the skeeter lamps, cat, dog, and 'rents. sweet deal. And bonus? The migraine is almost gone.

I haven't been getting them as frequently lately, mercifully, but today's was a doozie. Normally, I don't get the "aura" when I have a migraine, I just feel a little queasy, then WHOMP, it feels like a spike in my temple. When I do get an aura, I know things will be reaaaaaaaaaly bad. 2 Maxalts bad. Guess what I had today with only 1 maxalt on hand, and the pharmacy closed today and tomorrow? Things are down to a dull ache and mild nausea now, mild enough to let me do stuff, but annoying enough to let me know it's still there. Bah.

Fat Elvis and I are going to sit with the fan and watch Poirot until I fall asleep. When I wake up, this shit better be gone.


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