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Run of the mill

Worked the reception desk today, going to be a housekeeper on Fri/Sat/Sun. The desk was interesting, but again, I felt stupid because I haven't worked a weekday in nearly 3 years. (At the desk, anyway.) Guh. Dummmmmb. But I did find out that "Nu-Me" the woman who does my old job, is giving me the extra 1.50/hour premium for coming in each day, so I made that on top of the 1.50/hour weekend differential too. That makes Sunday suck a lot less than it did.

In less thrilling/happy news, Evil, who was doing so well last week is now not so hot. She's had this "Thing", for lack of a better word, near her thigh. It looked like a scrape, which got bigger, and weepy, then healed over as just a plain, quarter sized patch. Well, Friday I noticed it was weeping again, and cleaned it with wound wash. Saturday after work I checked it, and what I thought was a bit of clotted blood was actually a hole. In her leg. Sunday night it was big enough to have put an eraser into. I've got it covered with a band-aid, but I'm kind of afraid to peek at it today.

She's got a vet visit scheduled tomorrow, but I don't think this is fixable. (Maybe I'm wrong.) If it's not, I'm pretty much at peace. Sad, and will miss my plushly pelted wooglet, but if I was developing holes in my appendages, and had tumors all over my body, and only wanted to sleep all day long, and lick terra cotta and concrete (no, I can't figure that out either), and hurt, I'd probably want someone to make that stuff stop too. She was "talking" at me this morning, and you could just tell she hurt. She won't even fight me when I take her upstairs.

I'll keep you posted tomorrow, but if you could send her happy, pain-free kitty vibes, and thoughts of catnip, mouse & bird flavored cat food, and all the laundry in the world to pee on, we'd both appreciate it.


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