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New from Sauce World Enterprises

Ok, if I could bottle the smell of fresh cilantro and lime juice, I would wear it every day. I think I may have to go pester the people at Bath and Body Works. If they can make a good Violet scent, they can do this for me.

On that note, there's a new recipe or three over at Foodage.

And I can't stress it enough, if you haven't listened to the Egg yet, you really should.

Still waiting to hear from G. Monkey and Senor Horsty about shirt designs. Initial responses on the "I'm pretty, like cake!" and "Follow me, I know where dessert is!" shirts at the Idiot Girls boards seem reasonably promising, so I may try to make them up, just to see if I can.

In the rotation for potential dishes this week (which means new recipes for you!) include: Something tasty crafted from leftover super thin steak. (Steak was marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, onion, and leftover roasted red peppers.) Mini Margherita Pizzas, A product review on Bumblebee (I think?) ready to serve pre-marinated tuna steak, and the return of the demon lemon squares if the heat breaks later this week, and I snag some lemons.

Why Lemon Squares? Because my father, in his infinite "If one is good, more is better" wisdom bought not one, but TWO 18 packs of eggs Saturday. Nevermind that he and my mother are going away tomorrow, and there is no way in hell anyone will eat that many eggs before they go bad... (Like I need an excuse to make lemon squares?) I may whip up a double batch, and bribe the county HR staff.


Blogger parcequilfaut said...

Dude, this is going to RULE.

I don't know what to get the nephlet for his bday though.

2:29 PM  

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