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Pretty, like cake.

I'm going "in the basement" for a few days. No posts till there's something interesting to report, or something like that.

In the meantime, amuse yourselves with this link, courtesy the folks at the Idiot Girls newish yahoo group.

My eyes! My eyes!


Blogger Special Sauce said...

Not enough for a real post but- I think I have finally hit it for t-shirt concepts. We have a place where we can screen shirts for 5 bucks each, and I think it just might work.

Also, for the first time since before Easter, I have gone an entire week without visiting the vet. Halleluia.

1:18 PM  
Blogger parcequilfaut said...

Sauce, email me asap.

4:10 PM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

note: I might be off in my pricing- but it's something ridiculously inexpensive. wish ya could edit comments. D'er..

4:59 PM  
Blogger Memphis Word Nerd said...

NOOOOOO! Don't go away!!!!! What are we going to do without a daily post???????? Seriously, your blog is frequently the highlight of my work day. I hope your life gets busy again. :-)

7:47 PM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

If it's any consolation, I put up some new stuff at "foodage". Pretty much, all I've been doing is cooking lately.

Though next week, I'm going to try to teach G. Monkey to sew. The legally blind leading the completely blind. Heh.

8:28 PM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

(And thank you, MWN. You rock!) I'm working on Blog Birthday goodies. Watch your mailboxes, y'all. (No mail bombs, I swear.)

8:29 PM  
Blogger Memphis Word Nerd said...

Speaking of watching mailboxes, did any of you want copies of anything on the MWN "Portrait of the Nutjob as a Young Woman" soundtrack? I mean, not that I would send illegal copies or anything, but you never know...some sort of bizarre miracle could occur in which music could spontaneously appear in your mailbox. Or something. Hmmmm. Yeah, bad idea. Feel free to email me to tell me what an awful person I am for even thinking of it.

11:06 PM  
Blogger Memphis Word Nerd said...

Sorry to double-post but I just realized something. You used both "Long Dong Silver" and "bomb" on your blog. You are going to get Googled by every nutjob with a PC. Let us know how your counter stats look; I'll bet they are hilarious!

Just don't post anything about King George or our friends across the Persian Gulf...you might get added to the FBI's blogroll! :-) Can't you just see 'em looking for the hidden meanings behind "tapioca cat" and "in the basement"? Oh, and who is this G. Monkey person? Sounds like a potential dissident... *cue eerie music*

11:17 PM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

Hee! Bring on the black helicopters, eh? Heh. I think I'm already on that list, since I'm only one of what, 12 democrats in our township? (And two of the others are my family. Heh.)

Ooo! Ooo! I would very much enjoy selections from "Portrait of the nutjob as a young woman" soundtrack! (Assuming they won't take my shiny things away in Gitmo...)

Heh, I wonder what else I can use to attract bizarro hits?

12:15 AM  

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