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It worked! It worked!

Once I finally got the pattern right, the skirt copy project worked! HEE!

Note: if you ever need to copy something that isn't ginormous, waxed paper is your friend. You can place it over the item, and trace the seam lines through it, then add your seam allowances.

I found a really pretty buttercup yellow calico with little tiny orange and green and white dots on it, and did that one today, (I still need to tweak the zipper a bit to make it lie flatter, and do the waistband and hem). I couldn't find the right color ribbon to do the waistband, but am going to see what I have in my box-o-tricks from my great-aunt. (She sent me a ton of sewing supplies/trims as she was cleaning out her closet, YAY!)

I picked up another sort of a light aqua-y blue fabric, and will put together the flowers to put on it tonight/tomorrow. The assembly is pretty easy, so I may end up having a bunch of these by summer's end. (and can probably convert to darker fabrics for winter)

And how much did the skirt fabric, lining, zippers, and ribbon cost? 19.99.
Damn do I love the fabric outlet. I actually got a bit too much fabric, but am glad I did, because the pieces are such an odd fit. I could make some other things out of the remnants. (Or save them for the quilt I will make someday)

I am giddy. Usually I screw these projects up somehow, but I will actually wear this in public. Hee!



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