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I got nothin'

Sorry. Slow news day.

I learned how to make beaded flowers yesterday, and have made a really pretty clematis looking one today (though mine only has 5 petals, not six). I used thread, instead of wires, for a bit more flexibility. (And I didn't have thin enough wire. Worked out fine.) I think I'll attach it to a bobby pin, or maybe a choker. I'll whip up a few more, because they're actually really pretty, and fairly simple once you get the hang of them. I'm also going to try to do other types of flowers. I'm envisioning a neat puffy chrysanthemum, and a red poppy (which, second only to the peony, is my other favorite flower- and that is an AWESOME picture).

I'd like to go out tonight, maybe, but have the feeling G. monkey's exhausted. I'll work on flowers instead, work at the codger corral tomorrow, and maybe go out tomorrow night. I'm still itchin' to wear the Coolest Skirt Ever, and am in dire need of a pick-me-up.


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