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All is forgiven, Quentin.

Best. CSI episode. Ever.

(or at least in this season)

Some of it was eye-rollingly Tarantino, in the "look at how HIP I am, People!" sort of way (The Dukes of Hazzard board game, Gil and his Trigger Certificate) that just makes me want to kick him in that pointy chin of his. However, good episode, and even the irritating bits furthered some of the "humanization" of the characters, and gave the actors a chance to show off a bit. (And I admit it, I like me some Hodges. Last week's fun with "Emergency Backup David" was also good, because he? Is super cute.) (PS, better pictures on TV Tome. C'mon!)

Argh, where was I?

Oh yes. So, Quentin, all is forgiven, with the exception of your choice of ending scenes. The closing shot of the girl was unnecessary. I missed a few key bits (apparently Ecklie was acting human at one point, but I needed go to feed Evil, so I missed it) but that's ok. (And P.S. Folks on the TWoP boards? It's Pancho. Not Poncho. I guarantee you that Papa Stokes didn't have crappy knitted accessories on his mind when handing out his son's nickname.)

Here's to not having a cliffhanger for the last episode of the season. I can't wait to see what the incomprable Sobell has to say about this.


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