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Consumer Whoriness!

So I had a pleasant surprise when I snagged a copy of Glamour this weekend. (Ok, I buy it once a season, or so, to see what's up and coming, and if I can copy/do it myself. And c'mon, those black bars are so much freakin' fun.)

My skirt, the official "best skirt in the whole freakin' world" is on page 61. They're showing it in green, but I've got the black. Woot! I was ahead of the curve! heh.

I also got it for 20 bucks less than they're showing it.

Other product updates:

I am testing out Dove's hairspray (flexible hold) and mousse today. While the hairspray FEELS really nice and un-hairspray-like, the real test will be if the curls are still in my hair tonight. While I love my anchorman in a wind tunnel strength hairspray, that stuff is expensive (though it comes in a neat air-horn style can) and if someone gets too close, they could lose an eye on a jutting piece of hair. So, in the interest of public safety... softer hair.

Edited to add: It's 8:30, and even after falling asleep on the couch with a screeching headache, the hairspray has done an admirable job. I will need to remember to spray the bits really well (some that I didn't hit as heavily have straightened out quite a bit, but my hair is naturally stick-straight, so...). overall, I am impressed. Tomorrow, we'll see how their color-preserving shampoo/conditioner hold up, after I fix up my color. Reds are notorious for fading faster than a fat kid at a marathon.

Also, Bath and Body Works Violet Bloom? Best. Scent. Ever. So of course, it is a limited edition. It reminds me of C. Howard's violet candies, and these little violet pastilles (with an anise-seed in the middle) that my best friend in High School brought back from France. Mm. Light, flowery, with a hint of candy. Love.

The "Anti-chafing-lotion" from Monistat. Y'know, if they'd slap a picture of Laurie Notaro on the package, and call it "Anti-Chub-Rub Cream" they'd make a shitload of money. Stuff is AWESOME. And it works. If you need it explained, you don't need the product, but suffice to say it has NOTHING to do with the yeastie beastie, despite the maker's name.

Also, Dachshund Corn on the Cob holders? Hysterical.

Neutrogena Skin Clearing (I think, the bottle's upstairs) lotion. Says that it will help get rid of those funky little bumps on the backs of your arms and legs, and the accompanying redness. I'll give you the verdict in two weeks. They're not horrible, but they annoy me. I've got braille limbs.

With that, I'm off to snag some findings and wire, and get crackin' with the new (old) jewelry.
edited to add: Found some neat stuff, but stupidly didn't pick up any gold findings. What did I find that I loved most of all? pinkish gold beads, which I've tentatively strung with gold seed beads into one kick-ass chunky necklace & matching earrings. I will re-string tomorrow with gold findings, and eventually post a picture.


Blogger Miss Fabulous said...

This post made me laugh. It's so funny the little things we women get excited about!

8:33 AM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

Woo! Thanks for visiting, Miss F. Your blog is awesome, and I'm rootin' for you.

For the rest of the folks in reader-land, I recommend Miss Fabulous's blog highly.

10:06 AM  
Blogger Ghost of Goldwater said...

That's because you women have such tiny little brains *nods*

1:26 PM  

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