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The Big Day

keep your fingers crossed, eh? I leave in about a half hour or so for my "beeg interview". So, I'm typing in order to keep from losing control of my stomach (in whatever fashion it sees fit. Probably, since I'm wearing pantyhose with a crotch I had to bribe to come up past my mid-thigh, it'll probably choose uncontrollable diarrhea). My hair is curled. CURLED for the love of Bob. I've got suitable borrowed jewlery and genuine borrowed Liz purse. I am so retro, I'm cutting edge. I've got the ouchy shoes at the ready, and an outfit to change into before I go to the office. (Mercifully, G. Monkey's office is right across the parking lot. I'll change in her bathroom.)

I've got my answers ready to go in my head.


Adaptability- In every job I've held, it's been critical to be able to "change gears" at a moment's notice. In the retirement home especially, you never knew who was coming in your office door. It could be an employee with a scheduling conflict, a resident needing a hearing aid battery changed, a family who needed a sympathetic ear, or perhaps a tour. Being able to tackle the new situation, without losing sight of what you were doing, and still need to complete, is essential, and I am able to do so with ease.

Learning new tasks easily- At the little nonprofit that could (perhaps get me this job?) I taught myself how to use Access, and learned the rudiments of QuickBooks very quickly. Often, I have been in the situation where I not only have to learn the new task or procedure myself, but train others to correctly perform the same way. I enjoy the challenge, and take pride in the knowledge I've accumulated.


Sometimes it is difficult for me to say "no"., even if it means more work for me, or working later, I feel there was a good reason I was asked to take on the assignment, and find it difficult to turn down.

Sometimes I can be "too easygoing", Along the same lines, if a situation bothers me, I may hold my tongue and not say anything about it, until it reaches a critical mass.

Alright. And I think I have managed to kill a few minutes here. I'm going to go do one last check (though I think I used enough hairspray for 2 newscasters AND a Miss America contestant)and head out. Cross your fingers, folks. I want, and NEED this job.


Blogger parcequilfaut said...

Om shanti om. Peace, ET. I didn't have any of your hair (what I use when the Artist needs a job), but I think the G-man (Ganesh) has it covered.

Bonne chance! Thinking about you from my own job. And you look maaaahhvelous, dahlink.

9:33 AM  

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