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Sorry. Had a great post up this morning, and blogger done ate it.

Moved my office today. To Denver. DENNNNNNVERRRR. No, not Colorado, but it might as well be. Despite its paltry 15 miles on the odometer, they are the longest freakin' 15 miles EVER. And where am I? In the middle of Goldarned NOWHERE. With a "Women's Gym" in the room next to me. What do I hear all day long? Really bad remixes and "Change Stations Now" EVERY. THIRTY. SECONDS. This is what I get for not bringing my CDs today.

And no DSL until the 17th.

This whole "no internet during the day" thing is killin' me.

Change stations now.


And besides, how much can you possibly get done in THIRTY seconds? that's barely time to get ON a machine, much less accomplish something.

The office itself is very nice. Shame I won't be in it longer.

And... A Happy Beltane and big ol' hugs to ET. While you're there, ask her to put up a picture of her new WV Goddess, because I, for one, am antsy to see her handiwork.

I'm off to the greenhouse tonight. I'm going to whine like a 3 year old for more poppies and peonies. (I do every year. It doesn't help. Nowhere to really put 'em.) I'll also pick up some basil & cilantro to keep in pots. Those are the herbs I go through most anyway. Also, if anyone wants mint and or catnip, email me (aurolyn *AT* gmail *DOT* com), I have the feeling it's going to be coming up in full force shortly. (We have bumper crops of it, and never use pesticides or anything like that. It just... comes up year after year after year.)


Blogger parcequilfaut said...

Sign me up, and I'll trade ya a Goddess. They're sitting on the table, but the sun isn't up yet....I'll photo 'em as soon as I get back up (passed out at CDHSarah's due to too much antiinflamatory and general tired, then got up and went home so I wouldn't be there when she woke up to go to work, as there's nothing more obnoxious than knowing that others are sleeping in when you're bleary and have to go to work). No, seriously, I will.

6:14 AM  

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