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Happy R.

Among other things, I have given up on Bawlmurr.

Lesson Learned: Do not fall into like with really cute, sweet, funny boys from towns many miles away, especially ones who have schedules that don't mesh with yours. Because as much fun as it is at first, it's not going to last. It won't be anyone's fault, but it'll still feel stupid. You'll also wonder where really, really cute, really, really nice Rugby Mike ever went, because you knew he was heading to PA possibly, after he left the keys. (And get all misty when you see Bobby Flay, because Rugby Mike looks an awful lot like him, but bigger, and isn't a flaming dickweed.) And remember that you probably were really stupid, because you liked him way more than you let on, because you didn't want to step all over a good thing. (And then you'll see the correlation, and realize that you just suck at this shit.)

In other news I am in desperate need of a salt lick, a bottle of V-8, and a large bag of Cape Cod salt & vinegar potato chips and a few packets of soy sauce. What do I have in the office? Peach yogurt, diet cherry coke, and a packet of cottage cheese. Arrrrgh!

Thank Elvis I am hitting happy hour with Stoltzfus and G Monkey today. Salt, junk food, booze, and a lot of laughter are a few of my favorite things...


Blogger Steph said...

rugby mike? como say who? dish on this one Sister Sauce......share with Stephee.

5:48 AM  

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