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So, it's been a while since I've hacked mom's blogger account. Just wanted to tell you all that I've missed you. Thanks again for thinking about me. Also, if you can mention to mom that the next time she makes me get in that damned carrier, and drive the whole way to lower bumfuck Egypt, I am going to pee all over every pair of shoes she owns. I don't do drives.

On the upside, I'm getting that turkey food twice a day now. It's a little gritty, so I don't know what processor was workin' that, but... whatever. Mom says it's flaxseed oil, and something she calls "the cream". It's making me feel stronger, and I may try out for the Pirates, if this keeps up. (And yeah, I know Steroid humor is passe, but I'm a cat. Lighten the fuck up, will ya?)

Anyway, mom was all mopey this weekend, and sniffling a lot. We both seem to be doing a lot better now. Thanks for the love. You're all even better than new catnip treats, nose skritches, and laundry to pee on.


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