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Evil here-

Hi guys.

This is probably the last time I'll be hijacking mom's blog, so I just wanted to say thanks for thinking of me. If you could do me a favor, and think some tuna into my stomach, or even some tasty mice, that'd be fantastic. I've been really tired the past few days, and haven't even felt much like eating. Honestly, I'd rather just stay curled up under the dust ruffle of the slipcover on the couch, down in the basement, but mom doesn't much like it when I do that. So she hauls me upstairs again. Something about the sunlight or something.

I hate it when she picks me up, always have. But I'm too tired to really bitch about it, and it's easier to just lie down where she sits me. Maybe get a bit more comfy, y'know... stretch a bit, but why waste the energy?

The good news is that she hasn't tried to make me eat any of those stupid pills this morning. Sure, she tried to be clever and put it in the turkey, but I knew it was there. I ate it anyway. But when I stopped being hungry, she decided to put the stuff in water, and squirt it in me. I hate that shit. If I wasn't so tired, I'd pee in her shoes, or maybe on her pillow.

Anyway. Thanks y'all for being so nice, and thinking about me. You're good friends, and my mom thinks the world of you.



Blogger parcequilfaut said...

Hope the Evil one has a good time, hijacking the blog. *skritches* *snorfles*

9:57 AM  
Blogger Irina Tsukerman said...

Maybe there's something for cat appetite... Herbs? Catnip?

12:42 PM  

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