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stupid pollen

I never had issues with pollen, allergies, or milk until I moved to Florida.

Somehow, I blame Jeb Bush for today's sore throat.

(which was also yesterday's sore throat)

It's not a cold, it's just annoying. Fie.

Of course, prancing about at the flea market didn't probably help either. Or sitting in the yard scraping the plastic coating off the metal trellis so I can repaint it. No, that probably didn't help either. At least I found some cool stuff at the flea market-

1 pile of Good Housekeeping magazines from 1964 & 1965
1 1952 Yearbook from the local fancified Mennonite high school (that I very nearly may have attended, but for finances and compartmentalization [I assume. Because I have pretty much purposefully blanked out 98% of grades 6-8)
1 flour sack apron, pink with a pretty daisy pattern in white.
1 mess of costume jewelry, some good (like the screw-back earrings shaped like a cluster of white lilacs)and some to be repurposed, and possibly shopped around.

That was fun, and it's really interesting, reading the GH magazines. F'rinstance, the ads for (damnit, the name escapes me) the Nestle equivalent of pre-sweetened kool-aid. SPECIFICALLY mentions, and emphasizes the fact that it is not only sweetened with real sugar, but that sugar is 100% necessary for kids. I saw multiple ads touting that if you're not giving your kids sugar (For Energy!), you're the worst mother in the world. Hee!

Also? A recipe for "Bacon Cheddar Shortcake". Is it really wrong that I want to make this? Heh. Instead, I settled for "Mushroom! MUSHROOM!" spaghetti sauce. (One jar spaghetti sauce, preferably mushroom flavored. One container baby bellas, quartered, [preferably cleaned first], half a bell pepper, and a crock pot)

FYI- Haagen Daaz light S'mores ice cream is pretty damned good. (Bonus: it will last for a while, because it's so good, I only need a spoonful or two at a time. )


Blogger Ghost of Goldwater said...

hey... you can't blame Jeb for EVERY braindead person's problems...

4:45 AM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

Says who?

8:08 AM  

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