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Toenail Wrangler Extrordinaire

Can I put that on my resume? Huh? Huh? Can I?

Because, I? Am one awesome toenail wrangler.

Went in to the codger corral to help out with the podiatrist (who rocks it, hardcore). Basically, my job is to get 'em in, get their shoes and socks off, and then re-shoe/sock them at the end. And to track 'em down when they forget they've got an appointment. And make lots of "lop of that extra toe" jokes. Good deal.

Also, found out that I don't have the job at the community foundation, but I will have an interview tomorrow at a restaurant supply/chem dealer/hvac conglomerate for a brand-spankin' new position. The interview will be at some time tomorrow, with the big cheez. The president. So I'll be on my best behavior. Hee! And that job? I found on my own. Muha. Muhahaha.

I'm also going to do an article for the Literary Journal (associated iwth the little nonprofit that could (haunt my dreams for eternity). It's going to be on what blind people read. Which is actually pretty cool. I'll do some interviews locally, and at the libraries in Philly and NYC. Sweet. AND G. Monkey, as managing editor, gets to run interference for me, so I don't have to deal directly with psychofounder.


And there's a brand new New Yorker on my table. I can't wait to dig in.


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