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Well, then.

So I had my little go-round with the folks at staffing agency #2. All they had today was a telemarketing job, and I haven't gotten quite that desperate yet. (Inbound call center? Sure. Telemarketing? No.)

And I hit the want ads, again. Going to take the state civil service exam on Thursday, as the county needs clerk typists, and while the cash isn't tremendous to start, it's a gub'mint job, and their benes? ROCK.

Also applied for a few other random jobs, and reminded staffing agency #1 that I am still alive, available, and in need of work. Cross your fingers.

I'm not holding out hope that the restaurant supply folks will call me back. I think I boffed that interview pretty badly. Didn't hear from the flower shop folks. Going to give 2 school districts a whirl too, they need admin assists. 12 month jobs, I can dig it.

It's good to not be working for crazybitchybosslady anymore, but it succcccks not having that little bit of cash. I should have a bit of something in my account this weekend, from working at the Codger Corral on foot doctor day. I think I'll go make some carrot cupcakes. Or sell a kidney. One or the other.


Blogger Special Sauce said...

FYI, both kidneys are intact, and I haven't made any cupcakes yet. I opted for making another necklace, this time, with plenty of cat saliva!

And ooo! Carrie's on!

8:30 PM  

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