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Dear Dad,

Shoes, once removed from your feet, do not go directly in front of the door to the sun porch. Because when I go to bring in Mooj, in the dark, and I fall over them, I am going to very nearly break both my big toes. This will royally piss me off.


Your kid.
(the one with the limp)

In other news.
I have checked my bank account, and it is not so dire as I had believed, which is nice. I'm picking up a shift at the codger corral on Friday, and this is also good. G. Monkey and I are really, really, going to go out on Friday night too.

No news from the agencies.

I think I am going to make the layered sandwich from the totally rockin' Head Nurse's blog for supper tomorrow night.

I also think I am going to try to copy the skirt that everyone loves. It sort of looks like this, your basic white a-line just below the knee skirt, but instead of the embroidered border, it has appliqued poppies, 2 of them, in bright shades of pink, on the lower left side. I want to copy it, but do it in petal pink, or maybe a light blue or green, and either do an entire border of stylized color-coordinated flowers across the bottom, or do a scattering of flowers (large at the bottom, smaller as they sort of spiral up toward the waist).

The individual pieces to the skirt should be simple, they're merely wedges of fabric with a "not really a waistband waistband" (which I may do in a contrasting bias tape, or perhaps a ribbon. The hem is virtually nonexistent, and the fabric is a simple cotton. (Which I should be able to pick up at the fabric outlet for around $2.00/yard) The lining is also basic, so I am sooooo going to give this a whirl. I have enough scraps of fabric around here that I can make some neat flowers. All told, I should be able to copy it for well under $10.00 (excluding time). And compared to the shirt I copied before, this will be a breeze.

Now the only debate is whether I'll do it on the ol' Singer (which is my first love- my mother got that machine when she was married, in '74). It's heavy, reliable, and has a soothing hum as you sew. Or if I'll do it on the Kenmore, it's mine, and It's not a bad machine, it does lots of stuff the old one doesn't do, and it doesn't sit flush, so I can do sleeves and things, but it's clackety. (My gripe about new machines is that they're so clackety and plastic.) Ah, if all my decisions were like that.

I'll keep you posted.


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