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goin' on the resume

Oh, I am so putting toenail wrangler on my resume.

I was skeezin' my family out by telling them I was catching the flying bits with my teeth. Hee. At least this time around I knew most of the residents who were getting shod. They were, of course, the ones with the most obscenely icky toenails I've ever seen. Seriously. Your toenails should never look like corn fritters. Ever. If you're rockin' 1/3 of an inch thick (yes, thick, not long) toenails, or they resemble giant hunks of pyrite, you might want to look into slightly more regular foot care, or a date with a belt sander, because daaaaaaaaaaamn. That's funky.

And support hose? They are indeed the work of the devil.

Well, that's over, anyway. Dr. E. and I had a great time. And Papa Sauce came home from a storage unit auction today, he won a unit for around 65 bucks. In that unit? Two sewing machines. Maa doesn't want either of them so I'm going to keep the singer, it doesn't do as much as my kenmore, but it's a bit more sturdy, and it has the travel case to go with it. It still needs a tune-up, but should run great. G. Monkey's going to get the Brother, which also seems very sturdy, needs a checkup, but looks like maybe it was a school machine, so it should be very durable. Apparently there's also a buttload of fabric and patterns up there, so that's awesome. There was a ton of other stuff, but that's all that really mattered to me. Heh.

Tomorrow I take a break from toenail wrangling, and get to play tour guide. We're going to take my aunt and uncle downtown. We'll hit Market and get some good strawberries, and maybe some nice flowers or bread, head to Wish You Were Here for Swedes (or maybe not, as it looks like they are not open tomorrow! GAH!). Their oatmeal pancakes are divine. We'll also hit the heritage museum and quilt museum, then head on up the street to see G. Monkey at her museum. We may swing by and egg the Little Nonprofit that Could (drive G. Monkey to resign from the board) while CrazyBetsy is on vacation (again).

Should be AWESOME, if the weather holds.
More to come...


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