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Yeah, that lasted a while.

Ok, so I didn't stay in the basement that long, but things may be a bit sporadic in the future.

So, on one side of the house, we have the screechy kids, mother of the year, and the brood of uncle daddies. On the other 2 sides, we have a farmer's field. Not content to leave well enough alone, the township has decided they want a sewage treatment facility. Where do they want to put it? In the field behind our house. The field with a great view. And, to be fair, the field that the douchebag farmer only ever works on in the middle of the night (planting/harvesting) or in the middle of a picnic/laundry day (spreading manure).

The method they want to use is a sort of a pond thing, reportedly this thing doesn't stink, and it simply looks like a bunch of ponds. Not that the neighbors can do anything about it, since the township has made up its mind, but the sewer board sponsored a little "good will field trip" yesterday. They took all the folks who border the land where the ponds are going, to see a similar system in action. And more importantly, smell the new system in action.

So Maa and Papa Sauce took the big trip yesterday, and all week they've been talking about it. Not about what the ponds will look/smell like. No, they were wondering what would be in the boxed lunch. And I have to tell ya, if Maa and I were putting together the boxed lunch? Oh, we'd have had so much fun.

Our proposed Box Lunch Menu for Sewage Plant Tour:

Egg Salad Sandwich
Corn (on or off the cob)
Baked Beans
Chocolate or Butterscotch Pudding
King-Size Tootsie Rolls and Baby Ruth bars.

Needless to say, this is probably why I don't have very many friends.

And the actual box lunch menu was quite tame, nary a candy bar or pudding cup in sight. Chickens.

On the upside, apparently the ponds aren't wholly unattractive, and do not reek. At all. This amazes me. So, hooray for Maa and Papa Sauce. They won't have to put up with even worse stink.

And Evil, the tapioca cat (her new nickname) says "Myaah!" (oddly enough, she is now exactly how I'd kind of figure Choo Choo Bear from Something Positive would feel, only slightly more lumpy.)


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