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What did I do today?


I made my very first hand sewn quilt block. And it turned out perfectly. I'm so thrilled I could practically wet myself. (In fact, I maybe I did. Just a little. Heh.)

What block? Grandmother's Flower Garden. Will I make a gigantic quilt? Probably not. Though I am surprised at how quickly I finished the block. The only bad thing is that I loathe rotary cutting, so I will need to come up with a different method to cut. The block I did is white & yellow print in the center, navy with white "stitch" print for the second row, and a blue calico for the outer row. I'm going to scrounge in the scrap bin and see what I can come up with for another block.

Oh, and what DIDN'T I do today? I didn't sweat my ass off, because it appears that the heat is finally breaking. Thank Elvis.


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