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Hmm... connection good

Carry on, Ghostrider. My connection seems to be remaining active, and it doesn't appear to be a fluke, so I musta fixed it! Yay me! (Damned wireless doohickey and DSL modem thingamabob!)

So, more about Fat/Velvet Elvis.

He's 4, and Maa found him at the no-kill shelter below our house. Papa Sauce? Surprisingly enough, amenable to the addition of new kitty. In fact, actually suggested the shelter. Why? Probably (though I can't prove it) because he just bought himself a new tractor. My father collects yard tractors the way some women collect black shoes. Seriously. Seven. He has SEVEN tractors. All in various states of repair. Why? None of us can figure it out. He has 2 up home, and 5 here. Maa figures it means she can adopt 2 more kitties, to which I say, "Go for it."

Anyway, tangent, didn't really discuss Elvis. He rather does resemble a pompadour, and doesn't really look like Wayne Newton, so Elvis it is. Apparently he likes to hide in suspended ceilings, and had been at the shelter since February. He was Feral when they found him, and enjoyed sleeping in his litterbox. Also? He is knottier than your first attempt at knitting. We're probably going to have to cut a good portion of the big knots out, the smaller ones are brushing out OK. But he's got 2 ginormous matts on either side of his head, so... he's going to look silly for a few weeks. (And all the other cats will laugh at him, but he'll just take his revolver and shoot the catnip mouse or force Richard Nixon to come hang out with them.)

Speaking of the other cats, they haven't met him yet. However, I know how this will go down. Mooji won't care, she'll be all "hating you would require an expenditure of energy. Screw that." Alice will alternate between merely tolerating him, and doing her "Bride of Frankenstein" Hiss at him. Probably more of the latter, not the former. Little bob will just cower, since he's bigger than her, and eventually, will get used to him. Assuming he won't spend his every waking moment under a piece of furniture.

Now, for the rest of the past, what? Three days? guh.

The whing-ding at Stoltzfus' was AWESOME, but I had way, way, waaaaaaaaay too much to drink. And about 3 minutes into the fireworks show (which kicked ASS) it started to pour. We all got soaked, but it was worth it. I also ran into a few people I went to school with (the one I was really talking with graduated a year before me.) He's still in my town, his dad died last year, so he moved in with his mom, and seems to actually be a really normal, well-adjusted guy. I should have stayed longer to talk to him, but his girlfriend probably would have freaked out. (Well, probably she'd just hit on my brother, and things would be fine. Is there something stronger than "gets around" because... yeah, she does. But in this case, it's good, because I hadn't seen him in eons.)

Yesterday was down-time, because I couldn't sleep (and when I did fall asleep, Mooji kept coming in and demanding to be petted, and butted her head up in my pillow if I wasn't petting fast enough. Unusual, because she doesn't usually EVER come into my room at night.) Chilled with Elvis, calmed mom down when they lost a resident.

Yes. Lost a resident. Where we work is not a lockdown facility, residents come and go as they please. This one woman has dementia, and has gone downhill dramatically in the past few months. She went out for a walk around the building (as she often does), but this time, didn't come back in. Maa and a few others went out looking for her, but ended up phoning the police, and they looked for her too. They found her a few hours later, at a convenience store a few miles down the road. Oy. Maa was not thrilled, since it's her weekend as the "head cheese". I hope the family stays with her this weekend, and they move to have her placed at a personal care facility with a wander-guard setup. (She could stand a tweak in her meds, too, which would probably help a little bit, but wandering's something we simply cannot deal with there, because we're right on a busy road, and near a river. It's too dangerous.)

Hmm. That's probably it for now, going to see if the post I tried to do the other day in Foodage saved itself.

So, what's new for Y'all?


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wb saucey!!!! oy, i missed you!

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