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Why I love housekeeping-

Why I love housekeeping, a brief list.

1. I don't have to talk to anyone except to say "Hello" and "I'm here to clean your bathroom."

2. I don't really see anyone for most of the morning, because they're either at breakfast, church or lunch.

3. I can work at my own pace.

4. All the Murphy's Oil Soap I can inhale.

5. I? Am a moppin' foo'.

6. No poopy rooms, so far.

Things I hate about housekeeping, a briefer list.

1. "Oh my! How many hats do you wear?", "Master of all trades, you are", and "Boy, you sure do work a lot of departments!" I know. I was kitchen queen last week, now I'm housekeeping goddess. Big whoop. Wanna watch me juggle?

2. Mysterious poop smells that can't be difinitively tied to a specific source.

3. My dogs are a-hurtin'.

Truth be told, I like housekeeping a lot more than Kitchen, though I'd rather be at the front desk. Today, one of the activities was to check out the Juggling Brothers. Funny, yes. Scary, as I babysat the three of them when they were tots. The eldest is Odie's age, and is a mortician down in DC, the others are in/about to be in high school. Gaaaah. Ancient. I feel ancient.

I did get to borrow a book from the Corral library, so I snagged "The Corrections" by J. Franzen. Will let you know how it is.

Perhaps things will be less dull tomorrow!


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