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Lucky 13?

Sewing geekery ahead. Cat geekery at the end. Funny stuff? Well, it's in there somewhere.

I'm working on my 13th flower for my quilt-lette. Damn. I didn't think that was ever gonna happen. Once I finish it, I'm going to lay it out on top of the blanket I want it to be sized like, and project new figures accordingly. Then I can debate methods of joining. We'll see. On the upside, I haven't bought thing ONE specifically for this project yet. Rather, am using scraps out of the neverending fabric bin, a few things I picked up to make aprons from, and a bit of ingenuity. Yay me. It's kinda cool to see some of the fabrics, and try to remember what we made out of them. (Appliance covers, a few dresses, a pillow, you name it.)

I think I figured out what I'm getting G. Monkey for her big thirtieth. I want to bake a cake to go with the Most Monk-Tastic box ever. (She loves the show as much as I do.) Any ideas? I've figured a season box set, some hand wipes, a few bottles of water and... ? (within reason, as the cash flow, she still is more of a trickle.)

FE went to the vet today, and was ridiculously well behaved. Never even peeped on his way over. Astounding. Also, he sat on my lap for about 10 minutes this afternoon. Progress!

Still doesn't much care for guys, but that's because they're too danged noisy.

Also, apparently, I was "REALLY" funny at Stoltzfus's shindig. Heh. I don't recall saying anything exceptionally amusing, but probably did make a general ass out of myself by being inebriated.
Go figure.

Also, damn you, TWoP for getting me hooked on House, when the show is a total one-trick pony. (Seriously. Someone's going to be mysteriously ill. House will be a douche. Person will almost die. House will make miraculous save. The end.)

Hooray for ice cream, fans, large furry cats, the fabric stash that seemingly has no end, and awesomely bad good TV.


Blogger Steph said...

tell FE not to worry about caring for guys. most all of them are assholes and will treat her like shit in the end anyway.

did you know that i'm drunk?

11:19 PM  
Blogger Memphis Word Nerd said...

Yeah, I was wondering...your eyes are kinda bloodshot. :-)

12:52 PM  
Blogger Steph said...

you have NO idea.............

3:03 PM  

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