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Cause for celebration!

As I put in the comments somewhere, I finished the last flower for my quilt yesterday evening. This afternoon I finished cutting out around 300 white hexagons for the background bits, and laid out the final arrangement. HEE! I'm so excited I could puke. Next up? Actually putting stuff together, then determining how I want the border to be. I'm sort of leaning toward using the spare hexagons I have, but I don't know for certain yet.

Kinda makes the mongolian death cramps I'm workin' with seem a bit less... godawful.

Plus, Elvis has voluntarily jumped up onto my lap twice today, without having to be coaxed out of his hidey hole. I've taken to leaving the basement door open, but he hasn't ventured forth yet.

AND.. G. Monkey's coming over for the season premiere of Monk tonight. And I get to work with Loopy Elda tomorrow from 2-6. Should be fun.


Blogger parcequilfaut said...

Hurrah for quilting! And hexagons! And Fat Velvety Elvis!

Now if my period would just show up...I think y'all getting in a flap about my ill-advised pregnancy metaphor may have delayed it :)

MK Spidey-sensed me talking about another cat and came and stood in front of the monitor in protest.

2:16 PM  

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