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Snow Day!


Rather, Work from Home Day! Woo!

Well, not even, actually, as the roads were bare by 9:00, and I had the burning desire for some coffee and to actually work. (I didn't think to bring anything home this weekend, silly me.) But, my boss did email me early on, to tell me to stay home since the roads were shitty. I thought that was nice.

Now I have the giganto-sized Turkey Hill coffee (24 ounces of high-octane tastiness coursing through my veins. If they'd only make an unsweetened version of their Iced Tea, which makes heroin look like baby aspirin, I'd probably die a happy, twitching woman.)

Anyway, I have huge, (24 ounce coffee huge!) props for Memphis Word Nerd and my Elvis Twin. American Beauty is such an incredibly swell album. Sugar Magnolia rocks, and the rest of the album is... wow. I am very enamored of it, and never would have thought about it, had you not led me to it.

Anyone have any other musical recommendations? I'm entering a very mellow kind of musical phase, but listen to nigh upon everything. (Is it wrong that I secretly AM Michael Bolton in the opening scenes of Office Space? Well, except I don't bother turning down the radio...) Looking through my "office CD" holder, there's Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, Beastie Boys, Nirvana, Ben Folds 5, the Rolling Stones, Etta James, Bill Hicks, Hank Williams (Senior and III), Weezer, and a bunch of other stuff. I've got other things at home, and I'm about due for a shuffling. (And there are some true gems at the house... Duran Duran anybody? Hee! And not one, not two, but THREE Duran Squared albums. Not purchased when they were popular, oh no! After the fact! MUCH after the fact! Aiee! I was young! I was haggy!)

Hmm, anyway- What are you listening to right now, (be it traffic, birds chirping, or some techno funk) and why are you listening to it?

And for fun- Special Sauce Stalker Facts:

First Musical Purchase with my own Money- "We Are The World" on 45.
First Record I annoyed everyone with- Little Richard's "Tutti Fruitti" (oh mom, you should have never let me play with your 45s)
First Tape I played to death- Cyndi Lauper's "She's So Unusual"
Tape I'd love to have now- the cassette I made in 3rd grade, the day the Challenger exploded, by holding my tape recorder up to the TV during recess. I think I interviewed my friends too.
First CD I owned- Gregorian Chanting (a gift from my mom)
First CD I bought myself- REM's "Out of Time"


Blogger Memphis Word Nerd said...

REM's "Out of Time" was my first cd, too! We seem to share a lot of the same taste: Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, Beastie Boys, Etta James, Hank Williams (Senior and III), etc. Serious cool points for liking Tom Waits. He is sadly underappreciated.

How 'bout Damian Rice? I guess he's getting excessive attention right now b/c of "The Blower's Daughter" but that doesn't negate the fact that it's an incredible song/album/musician. The live version ("Live from Union Station") is a great album.

Also, I just got Ray Charles' duets album, "Genius Loves Company". Very nice! The Willie Nelson track is probably my favorite but I like almost ANY version of "You Don't Know Me".

While I'm talking about that song, I love Jann Arden's greatest hits ("Greatest Hurts"). She manages to make whining sound really attractive and melancholy.

I'm not normally a huge Beatles' fan (they're good but not my faves) but I am dying to get the soundtrack to "I Am Sam" (remember that Sean Penn/Michelle Pfeiffer cheesy-but-sweet MR movie?) Rufus Wainwright does a mean cover of "Across the Universe" (it's also on his album "Poses").

Speaking of pop covers of classics, I have *got* to get a copy of Everything But The Girl's "Only Living Boy in New York". That track absolutely MADE the movie "Tadpole". Apparently it's on their greatest hits album (I just googled it) with a cover of "I Don't Want to Talk About It", which is another classic that I adore. Hmmm...I'm not a huge EBTG fan but it might be worth getting this album.

I just noticed that all of the music that I'm suggesting is very melancholy (try Phil Roy's "Melt", too!). I'm in a definite funk due to some very bad news. I'll think of more upbeat music and get back to you.

12:17 PM  
Blogger parcequilfaut said...

this is where your ET shows how uncool she is.

I also had Out of Time on cassette, thanks much.

Albums, hmm...for the mood you seem to be in, DJ Irene's Global House Diva II: Live in Ibiza probably isn't the thing. But it does rule. As does The Three Pickers (Earl Scruggs, Ricky Skaggs, Doc Watson, and Allison Krauss...yes, I am a bluegrass nerd.)

One of my top ten after all this years is the self-titled Sublime album, matter of fact. That one just never gets old for me.

It's not available for sale, but neither is it illegal to download (thanks Trey!) -- go download The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday -- the full album, not just the song. It's also known as the Gamehenge cycle, but it's mine and the Artist's favorite mellow music. Or e-mail me and I'll send you a copy if you lack a burner.

for that matter, ET, why am I not already sending you a mix??? I am confused....

1:46 PM  
Blogger luz de la luna said...

I wish my boss would email me and tell me to stay home because the roads are shitty. That would never happen! Even if hell froze over I would still have to turn up :-(

Best Wishes
La Luna

4:08 PM  
Blogger Ghost of Goldwater said...

I may have recommended this band to you before: The Rainmakers (http://www.rainmakers.com) Somewhat lefty, but then again so are you...

4:51 PM  
Blogger parcequilfaut said...

ET, I'd be remiss if I didn't notify you of the newest TN update.

5:10 PM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

You guys ROCK!
(Pun perhaps intended.)

Thanks for the musical suggestions, I'm going to check them out- I'm definitely in a musical mood. :)

Also- the new Tomato Nation (www.tomatonation.com live it, love it, bookmark it) is awesome. Thanks ET.

Work actually wasn't bad today, it didn't get really cold until I was ready to leave anyway, so it worked out well! (And now I brought some things home, "just in case" it gets crappy later this week.

Mmmm. Music to research!

5:40 PM  
Blogger Memphis Word Nerd said...

Okay, I'm going to join in the "I had a crappy day" game, too. How's this:

Crappy Day Part One: I broke every traffic law in the state on my way to work (it's an 80 mile commute each way) at I wouldn't be late to a telephone meeting (it's my 2nd week on the job) with my director...when I get to work I'm locked out of my office so I have to wait for the office manager to come let me in (they can't seem to find the key that the last occupant turned in when he resigned)...my anxiety level is shooting through the roof...just to find out that they decided to cancel the meeting.

Crappy Day Part Two: I had to involuntarily commit a child to a mental institution. She cried. And cried. And cried. Needless to say, I felt like a monster. On the other hand, this was after both she and her aunt cursed me out and called me everything EXCEPT my name. The sheriff's office got snippy with me about having to transport her to the institution. The whole reason that I was at this particular event in the first place was to observe one of my new therapists (new to me, not new to the company) perform therapy. The whole time, I can tell that my presence is making him a nervous wreck so not only am I trying to calm the child down, soothe the family members, remain calm with the sheriff et al, and keep their four dogs from jumping all over me, I'm also having to soothe my nervous counselor. AAAAGH!

Crappy Day Part Three: The crisis call didn't end until 9pm. Did I mention that I have a 2 hour round-trip commute? So, even if I headed straight home, I still won't get a good night sleep. As a result, it looks like I'm going to be sleeping on my office floor. Yuck. Double yuck.

I love my job but I'm not exactly thrilled today. Okay, not thrilled at all.

If you'll excuse me, I'm off to Walmart to buy a sleeping bag and a change of clothes.


11:03 PM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

God Damn, MWN. You win. Although, I wouldn't say it's a fun thing that you won, but... I wouldn't want to trade places with you yesterday. I'm sorry things were so very rotten to you, and I hope that nobody fucks with you today.

If they do, I'll put a beatin' on 'em, if ya like.

I hope today's better

6:34 AM  
Blogger Memphis Word Nerd said...

I hope so, too! Thanks for the offer of the beating, though. Tempting. Very tempting.

Sleeping on the office floor? Not fun. Washing my hair in ice cold water because the hot water doesn't work? Especially not fun. Waking up at 5am so that no one would get to work early and find out that I slept here (I am trying to avoid being "that weird girl with no life outside of work")? MEGA not fun. However, having the whole building to myself and being able to crank my (still-melancholy) music? Very nice.

To end yesterday on a TRULY awful note, I found out that my best friend's husband (captain in Iraq, I think I've mentioned the fact that he recently got caught by an explosion near Fallujah and has been touch-and-go for a week) had to have his leg amputated yesterday. It certainly makes my little bit of discomfort fade away. It almost guarantees a continuation of the melancholy music, though.

So, what do I have to do to get some of that Turkey Hill coffee? A vat would be good but an IV would work, too.

Enough of the bitching. Today's posts will be cheerful: all sunshine and puppy dogs. In the meantime, thanks for your support.

9:01 AM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

I think I can arrange one of those roman bathing chambers full of Turkey Hill coffee, that way you can kinda immerse in it. Osmosis is a good thing, yes? (Plus it's probably sorta like a spa treatment, as long as it's not boiling.)

Yikes, I hope your friend's husband will come through ok. Good luck to them both, and their family.

The question is, now... did you get to use the neat-o air dryers to blow-dry your hair? Because those... rock. (Or, um, not.) Here's to melancholy music, sleeping in your own bed, big pots of coffee and stuff workin' out for the best.

9:20 AM  
Blogger Memphis Word Nerd said...

To be honest, as good as coffee sounds I'd rather just have a post on my FAVORITE blog: gmonkeyandspecialsauce! That's usually the best way to brighten my day; that's why I check so obsessively.

And no, I went to Wallyworld and bought a hairdryer. Nice mental image, though.

Current music: Sarah McLachlan and Emmylou Harris duet "Angel"

9:27 AM  

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