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No, really! I'm OK!

I didn't pass out in the bathroom and crack open my skull, just a bit of brain disintegration by way of bayberry potpourri.

One of the fun things about my migraines is that the only thing I know for sure about my triggers is that "yes, they do exist". Sometimes cigarette smoke will drive me over the edge, other times I can sit in a smoky bar for hours and not feel a twinge. Sometimes it's not sleeping right, or eating regularly- but oddly enough, not really foods like oranges, chocolate or nitrite-laden-meat. Sometimes it's smells, but not always the same ones- Liz Clairborne's "Red" does it pretty regularly, but sometimes other smells creep in too. Cooking grease, the inside of an Olive Garden, and now, apparently, Bayberry potpourri.

90% of the time I don't have much of a warning- I start to feel too hot, and I start to notice EVERYONE'S cologne and perfume, even the soap in the bathroom is a lot more noticeable. And by the time I realize that it's happening, I've already got the first stabbity pains in my right temple. And that's when the evaluation process kicks in.

1. Did I have any caffiene today? Maybe this is just a caffiene withdrawal headache. I'll just take some motrin & drink a coke and hope it goes away. or:
2. I've been drinking tea, and is this going to get bad enough to require drugs? Sure, I have insurance now, but 50 bucks for 5 pills is still a bit steep. Maybe I'll take some Excedrin Migraine and see if it'll go away.
3. Who am I kidding, that Excedrin's not going to do anything except make me want to vibrate. Take the prescription- that's what it's there for.

Sometimes I go right to step 3, like I did yesterday. And it was bad. Probably as bad as it's ever been without an aura. And Elvis love the Incomprable C and Ferret Trimmin' Girl for perpetually making sure that I didn't crack open my skull in the ladies room (Which was exceptionally sweet, but at the time, the attention- which mushroomed to include everyone in the office- was the last thing I wanted.) I'm done with Amerge too. Those pills, expensive as they are, suck balls. (and not the fun kind either) They took well over 4 hours to kick in yesterday, and I do NOT have the kind of time to waste on a headache. (A skull splitting, puke inducing, blinding fucker of a headache, but a headache nonetheless.) My old drugs are cheaper vastly more reliable/have predictable side effects, and work in under an hour.

Anyway, welcome to my world. Woo!


Blogger NWJR said...

"Excedrin's not going to do anything except make me want to vibrate."

That struck my funny bone for some strange reason. I think I'll add that to my arsenal of strange sayings.


3:27 PM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

That's what I'm here for, actually. :)

And it really does make me vibrate, it's kind of creepy.

9:07 AM  
Blogger parcequilfaut said...

It's the caffeine in it, probably. Does Midol make you vibrate?

I had weird ET super crossover vibes with the migraine; I had one that lasted all of Sunday for no apparent reason and made me so sick I lost the little food I put in my stomach. And I hadn't been partying at all the night before. Weird.

Glad you're feeling better!

12:47 PM  

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