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So the morning has started auspiciously enough. Yesterday I did a flying "surprise dropoff" of dinner for P, since he was asked to come in to work early, and had to miss dinner at my house. (And so did Odie's GF, so I totally got to hear "You mean I waxed the floor and bought a tablecloth for nothing?" Not to imply that we always live like slobs, despite the fact that there's a freaking tablecloth up over the kitchen window, and unpainted drywall all over the place... no. Not slobby 'necks at all.) (don't ask.)

Anyway. Surprise dinner flyby. I dropped things off at the nurse's station without being detected (by him) and woke up to "How sweet it is to be fed by you" in my mailbox. That rocks.

So lets see how the rest of the day goes, since it's approximately 4 degrees outside (thank you windchill from hell) and tonight's the (insert imposing music here) Class Reunion. I packed up my stuff and will go see P immediately after work/before the wingding. I'll brief you in the morning. On the upside? I totally get to park in the garage at work, since there's no shuttle service today. Woo.


PS. You know what would make the Macy's parade more interesting? More injuries, less Broadway. In fact, I think I may start a letter writing campaign.


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